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Casambi News App 2.0, August 2015

Casambi   goes timed ambient lighting with new version Casambi Technologies has released a new app version 2.0  with several new features taking light control even further towards human centric, timer based and energy efficient lighting. There is no charge for the new version when you are a customer using the Casambi units. Here are the highlights : New Timer feature :
  • Visually controlling lights with the app and sensor and wall switch support in Casambi enable today already capabilities for taking multi luminaire lighting forward towards energy efficiency and ambience. With the launch of its Schedule (Timer) capabilities, Casambi is taking this a further step forward.
  • Lighting can now be automated not only based on a number of days in a week or for specific dates and here with their start and end timings with relevant scenarios. Even more, scenario settings can actually reflect the sun with its sunrise and sunset references not only by time-zone but also for accuracy the specific location within a time zone.
  • Further on transitioning between different lighting scenarios can be made as smooth as possible e.g. for retail and residential use to enable the best effects towards the human eye. (Tip: Try the fader with e.g. 20 seconds or more for fade in and out timing )
Radio mode selection :
  • When creating a new network it is possible to select between two radio modes, Balanced and Better performance. As a default all new networks use Balanced mode with its longer range but if you are creating a network with many units close to each other then you can select the better performance mode.
Two new Smart Switching options
  • Active/Standby option that controls two different scenes. The first one will activate when the luminaire is turned on and the second will activate when the luminaire is turned off. Works very well when using sensors or wall-switch to control scenarios. This new option can be used for example in warehouses or offices where there should be some light at all times.
  • Not in use, if you would prefer not to use any of the Smart Switching options you can now select the Not in use. This could be used for example with non-dimmable lights.
Most of you who have allowed automatic update on your iOS devices will already have the new app 2.0 version. Easy to check in the app ..more -> help -> release notes showing which version you have. For the new features to work with your existing Casambi units, please also update the firmware of the units to the new version 16.0. There is a pop-up screen informing about the available firmware update. Casambi will hold a webinar on next Friday the 28th of August from 13:30 to 14:15 Central European time, demonstrating and explaining the new functions. If you like to join, please send an email to, subject : “webinar” for the call-in details. And here you will find the Casambi units  watt24 - easy. faster. brighter