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CASAMBI perfect news 2015: Wall Switch, CBU-PWM3, CBU-CC1 und CBU-TED

In Milano on EUROLUCE CASAMBI has presented several new and interesting lightmanagement units which will be rolled out this year. Wireless Wall Switch Casambi Wall switchWith this wall switch you can steer your CASAMBI modules perfectly. You can use this switch for one or several modules to:
  • switch
  • dim
  • activate scenes
  • steer white-white
The wireless wall switch is very comfortable. Just input batteries and you can steer your light remotely.     CBU-PWM3 - Constant voltage PWM Dimmer for 1-3 channel dimming
  • CASAMBI CBU-PWM3With this module you can dim and steer LED stripes, constant voltage LED modules or LED lamps e.g. GU5.3.
  • This module will fit perfectly for white-white und RGB application.
  • Input voltage: 12-60V DC constant voltage.
      CBU-CC1 - 1 channel constant voltage module
  • casambi CBU-CC1this module combines PWM and dimming via power
  • adjustable output current upt to 1500mA
  • input voltage 12-60V DC constant voltage
  • will perfectly fit for constant voltage LED modules
    CBU-TED - phase dimmer for 
  • Casambi CBU-TEDdimmable ECG
  • Main voltage halogen lamps or dimmable main voltage LED modules
  • dimmable LED-retrofits or energy saving lamps
  • input voltage: 85-240V AC
  • output power: 150W/240V or 70W/110V
  Mr. Moritz Lutze (Sales Manager Casambi) told us that several new functions, functionalities and features will follow this summer. We will keep our fingers crossed that the summer will become as hot as CASAMBIs' product launches. watt24 - easy. faster. brighter