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Dimming LED-lamps = Dimming incandescent- / halogen lamps?



Again and again we are stumbling upon that same question: „Is the result when dimming LED-lamps similar to the result of dimming incandescent- or halogen lamps? “


The answer is: no!

First, it is important to know whether the LED-lamp we are talking about is generally dimmable or not. Contrary to incandescent- or halogen lamps not all LED-lamps are dimmable – this depends on the specific electronic devices installed therein.

Moreover, it must be considered that LED-lamps show another result when dimming than incandescent- or halogen lamps. The warm-white part of incandescent- or halogen lamps is considerably higher (measured in Kelvin) – LEDs in general rather stick to their original color of light. This leads to the fact that we miss the „cosy“ and comfortable atmosphere warm light is offering.


For more deeper explanation please have a look on our video:

But why should we go for LED then?

Simply because – apart from energy efficiency – they offer even more advantages!

In the past, LED needed an external dimmer. This is history now – many LED-lamps are directly dimmable thanks to an electronic system which can now be found in the lamps themselves.

We recommend LED-lamps from the manufacturing company Farluma which are directly dimmable by easy use of the light switch. Nothing needs to be connected or installed, you simply exchange the old lamp with the Farluma-LED. In addition, they are available in different light colors, meaning that the problem with the „cosy“ atmosphere we previously missed is solved as well.

We now much enjoy presenting more information on these convenient LED-lamps in the following video: