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Energy-saving LED lighting for your riding hall

Finding the ideal and cost-saving lighting for your horse stable, your riding hall and your outdoor arena is quite easy. Our lighting experts explain what you should be aware of and which benefits switching to LED-lighting provides.


Perfect lighting for horse stables

Luminaires in stables should be well-protected against dust, moisture, dirt and pollution. A high protection value of  ≥IP54 is appropriate. Apart from that, the requirements for horse stable lighting rather functional. Paths, horse boxes and storage rooms should offer enough light. Especially for the tack room we recommend the integration of sensor technology. In most cases it is used only permanently, while light is burning permanently. By means of motion detectors you can save a lot of money and energy.


The perfect illumination for indoor riding halls and outdoor riding arenas

For ideal lighting in riding halls or arenas the needs of people as well as those of horses should be considered. There is a huge difference in the perception of light: people feel uncomfortable being in darkness whereas horses react sensitively to variations of the brightness of light.

Illumination for training locations should therefore be bright and constant at the same time in order to offer utmost comfort for both, humans and animals.

Moreover, you should consider that illuminance for tournaments or competitions require other intensities of light than for training or leisure activities.

Luminance intensity, measured in lux, defines the quantity of light reaching the ground.

Minimum requirement is 200 lux. We recommend 300 lux for training purposes and regional competitions and 500 lux for national and international competitions 500 lux.

These values of luminance intensity are not regulated by law. They are based on recommendation of the European norm DIN EN 12193 „Sportstättenbeleuchtung“ (= illumination for sport venues).

LED continuous line luminaires offer good results with high energy efficiency as they stretch across the whole hall and thus produce constant and bright light. Alternatively, also robust Highbay-luminaires offered by EiKO can be installed. To additionally save money, both luminaires can be connected with motion- or daylight sensors.

We gathered appropriate luminaires in this sketch:

LED-lighting for riding arena, hall and stable

LED-spotlight (EiKO, 5.000lm, IP65)

Even in the dark, riding arenas should offer perfect lighting conditions in order to provide enjoyment and security for both horses and riders. LED-spotlights from the company EiKO offer a very good illumination with low purchase- and operation costs.


In this video, we show how that can end up looking like:


Besides, the spotlights are easy to install. A swivelling handle helps you to install the luminaires on the pole in the exact angle you wish. With a use of only 50W and output of 5000 lumen EiKO LED-spotlights are clearly more efficient than comparable types. We have conducted a test relating thereto – the result is shown in our video:


LED-spotlight (EiKO) with motion sensor (Züblin)

Combined with a motion sensor, the risk that light keeps to be switched on by mistake can be omitted. A good choice for such lighting solution could be our combination set containing LED-spotlights with motion sensor of EiKO Züblin.