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LED as an easy and efficient substitute for incandescent lamps – we have some useful tips!


The specification in watt made it quite simple to compare and define the degree of light intensity of conventional incandescent lamps. The higher score in watt the more output of light. LED-lamps are much more efficient which raises the question how to realize a replacement of incandescent lamps against LEDs without loss of light intensity?




Substituting conventional incandescent lamps with LED easily

New and up-to-date LED-lamps consume considerably less energy, i.e. watt, for the same output of light offered by conventional incandescent lamps. For many users, that raises the question how an exchange without a major loss of lighting quality can take place. What is the specification of light intensity if watt does not serve as a reference anymore?

The answer is: lumen!

The score in lumen indicates the lighting current of a LED-lamp. More information on lumen is given in our video:

100W incandescent lamp


Hence, the first step for a successful exchange of lamps is to define the score in lumen of the incandescent lamp to be replaced.

Simple calculation of this target value is as follows:

10 X former score in watt = target value of score in lumen

As an example, an incandescent lamp with 100W can reach approx. 1.000 lumen.

Therefore, the incandescent lamp should be replaced with a LED-lamp having this score in lumen. You will find details on the lighting current in the column „technical data“ in our Online Shop or in the relevant data sheet of the LED-lamps.


Why spending this time and effort?

For an output of light provided by an incandescent lamp having 100W, a LED-lamp only consumes 10W. Retrofitting means nearly 90 % energy saving. Which is a lot of cash at the end!

LED-lamp: saving energy and comfortable dimming of light


An ideal example for a LED-lamp providing a lighting current of 1.000 lumen consuming only 10W: the Farluma LED-lamp.

The Farluma LED-lamp has an additional cool feature: it is dimmable – without any further equipment necessary. Simply screw in the specific lamp and you are ready to play: you can dim down from 100% to 10% by repeated quick switching. More precise information on this can be found in the following video:



Here you find the Farluma-LEDs!