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New: 74R and 74Q – elegant LED luminaires from TRILUX

these classical LED luminaires from TRILUX are new - and we do offer a motion detector for free! The luminaires are classical elegant and timeless: stylistic lighting with beautiful and homogene LED light, but not too dominant! With their design and technical features the products of TRILUX 74 series are the perfect fit for applications like corridors, entrance halls, meeting rooms, practices, but also living areas and other similiar aplications. We do offer the LED luminaires as well in the round variant as in the square variant. All luminaires of this series do hav a high quality LED module integrated to provide high efficient and long living beautiful LED light. The products of the series 74R (round) and 74Q (square) are available in colorcode 830 and 840. This means you can choose between warmwhite and neutralwhite lighting.

LED surface mounted luminaire 74R 830 or 840

LED surface mounted luminaire TRILUX 74Q 830 or 840

  There is another highlight: both series (R and Q) can be combined perfectly. A combination of round and square luminaires adds the certain something to your lighting! For more information check out our product video:

product video: LED luminaire TRILUX 74er series

  In combination with a motion detector you can even better automate your lighting and save some more energy. Motion detectors are the perfect match for applications as corridors, entrance halls and practices. That is why you will get a motion and acoustic detector for free if you buy at least five pieces of the TRILUX 74 series.

motion and acoustic detector Züblin

And if this elegant luminaire is not what you are looking for: we do have many other luminaires for different applications: for schools, restaurants, hotels and offices, as well as for extreme applications with ATEX guidances or the mounting in wet or cold surrounding where a high IP code is needed. And if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! watt24. easy. faster. brighter.