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OSRAM DALI MCU simple solution for manual dimming:

OSRAM DALI MCU simple solution for manual dimming: You thought DALI control systems are always complex? DALI controllers are complicated and DALI addressing is time consuming? Believe us it works quite simple! 🙂


Functional and comfortable manual dimming solutions can be quickly realized with the digital rotary dimmer DALI MCU. The advantages of the DALI MCU: The potentiometer converts rotations and pressure on the rotary knob into DALI commands. The DALI MCU can be integrated in many standard switch designs for example  JUNG, BERKER, GIRA, SIEMENS und SCHNEIDER electric. No addressing of the ECGs required, simple installation, intuitive operation. No DALI power supply as with other systems necessary requested. By using the potentiometer you can switch on/off, fade up/down and  set the minimum background brightness. Universal use in classrooms, conference rooms, offices, control of luminaire groups and individual  luminaires.   Product features and Equipment / Accessories
  • Digital rotary dimmer for up to 25 DALI ECGs (50mA)
  • Precise and ergonomic manual dimming of a wide range of light sources with the DALI interface
  • Multiple control points and control of up to 100 luminaires by connecting up to 4 DALI MCUs in parallel.
  • Automatic synchronization enables the other control points to be used at any time without the risk of annoying side effects such as sudden changes in brightness
  • Plug&Play expansion with DALI Repeater
    Dimensions DALI MCU

    Dimensions DALI MCU

  • Lighting control in partitioned rooms
  • Switch-on level and background brightness can be stored by double-clicking
  • No individual DALI addressing required (DALI broadcast)
  • Length of the DALI control cable: 300 meters
  • Up to 4 control points can be easily provided
  • Automatic synchronization between the control points
  • Powerconsumption: max. 2 W
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