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OSRAM LED filament lamps: perfect retrofit for E27/E14.

If you ask someone about LED lamps most people will tell you: the shape and light is not so nice like the old and classical light bulb. This has changed with filament lamps. In the past several no-name products have been offered - with doubtfull quality. Now OSRAM is entering the market. LED filament lamps unify all advantages of all existing lamp technologies:
  • "warm" light
  • >300° Abstrahlcharakteristik
  • 100% light 0.1 sec after switch on
  • very energy efficient
  • lifetime of >15000h
  • ....
We have already produced two videos (sorry in German) which explain the advantages of each technology:
Verschiedene Retrofit-Varianten für die Glühbirne

Vergleich der verschiedenen neuen Lampen-Techniken für den Glühbirnen-Ersatz

or which explains the advantages of OSRAM filament LEDl:
OSRAM LED Filament Lampen - Das perfekte Retrofit für Glühbirnen

Die OSRAM LED Filament Lampen im Video

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