Perfekter LED-Ersatz für den R111-Strahler: OSRAM PrevaLED COIN 111AC (mit Video) | watt24 Blog Mit dem OSRAM PrevaLED COIN 111AC können Sie sehr einfach Ihre alte CDM-Lampe ersetzen. Sie sparen sofort massiv Energie, verdreifachen die Lebensdauer - und das Leuchtmittel kostet genausoviel wie die CDM. 2295

Perfect LED-Retrofit for R111-spots: OSRAM PrevaLED COIN 111AC (including video)

In most of the retail shops, museums, exhibitions, launches, shopping mals etc. you will find R111-spots with classical lamps (e.g. OSRAM HCI, Philips CDM...). If you want to save money please read the text below: The perfect retrofit for those spots is "OSRAM PrevaLED COIN 111AC". The price for the LED-retrofit is equivilant to the classical lamp e.g. Philips CDM (market price of June 5th, 2015). However, the retrofit has got several other nice features like:
  • better energy efficiency: you will save money from the first second!
  • you do not need any driver/ECG: LED, Lens and driver are included in one unit: OSRAM PrevaLED COIN 111 AC" - you just have to wire the module.
  • installation is easy: throw away your old lamp, switch in OSRAM PrevaLED COIN 111 AC, wire, done.
If you want to see the new "OSRAM PrevaLED COIN 111AC" live you can have a look at our latest Youtube-video. Sorry, it is in German but I am sure you will get the main messages. 🙂 R111 Retrofit OSRAM Prevaled Coin 111 PL-CN_youtube If you want to have a look at OSRAM PrevaLED COIN 111AC in our shop, please click here. watt24 - easy. faster. brighter.