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TCI led driver and electronic control gears here available!

We do now have led drivers and ecg produced by the well known manufacturer TCI in our portfolio - this means we can offer you a even deeper product range for lighting electronics! TCI is an established italian producer of ecg and has experience as well in the non-led segment as in the led segment. The products of TCI are particularly known for the possibility to regulate the output voltage or current via DIP-switch. You can easily code the DIP-switches and regulate the output current and voltage - easy and fast without any resistors (e.g. LEDset) or programming.  Many products can also be used for both constant current and constant voltage applications these are particularly flexible products! You can see all detailed product information on the article page so it is easy to find out whether a product is DALI enabled, dimmable, how many currents and voltages can be set and where to use whih product. TCI is producing universal drivers for many possible application. As always our employees were trained directly by TCI on particularities of the products - we can provide perfect technical service for you! If you have any open questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via mail, chat or phone call! 🙂 And if you do already know what you are looking for: we do have the TCI products for you on stock. As always they are at your house 24 hours after ordering (within Germany). Check out the TCI drivers here! watt24. easy. faster. brighter.