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Why is RGBW-LED-tape better than RGB LED-tape?



Since quite some time, RGB LED tapes offer an incredibly flexible lighting solution for a wide range of applications. With RGBW LED-tapes a new colleague pops up in the world of LED.

We enjoy explaining to you where the difference is exactly and why this further development really is a technological progress.


What is the difference between RGB and RGBW LED-tapes?

Standard RGB LED stripes combine three single LED-chips in one shell; in fact – as the name says already – in the colors red, green and blue. According to the quantity of electric current circulating through the individual LED-chips, brightness changes and the human eye perceives a broadly based spectrum of colors. When all three LED-chips shine in full brightness, the color changes to white.

However, white is not equal to white!

The human being perceives sun light as being perfect. Sun light consists of a specific mix of colors – comparable to a rainbow. A rainbow doesn’t just show red, yellow and blue but all nuances of colors with smooth transitions. If you expand the sun light (in the same way as a rainbow principally does) you come to the following result:

Color distribution of the sunlight (source: Narva-bel.de)

The data is indicated in nanometres (nm) which define the length of the wave band of light. It is obvious that there are many color gradients and diverse intensities. This is the basis for our perfect white. The quality of white light is stated in the CRI (color rendering index, in German: „Farbwiedergabeindex“). The highest value of CRI 100 is conform to the light of the sun. Comfortable white light should have a CRI of 80 at least.

However, RGB cannot reach such a value. In theory, such a white color could be achieved by full illuminating power of the three LED-chips. But in reality, the light looks strange or wrong because the RGB-LEDs ray with a strong color cast.


Saying this, what is really better with RGBW LED-tapes?

RGBW LED-tapes score with an additional LED-Chip emitting white color. Therefore, RGBW offer even more flexibility for the spectrum of colors presented. Above all, RGBW renders possible “real” white light following the wish and purpose in different color temparatures (Kelvin). That saves a lot of energy as not all LED-chips need to shine in full brightness.

Especially for office lighting etc. the “extra chip” should be considered.


Here you find a comparison of different LED-tapes:

Is RGBW more difficult to install?

No, the extra LED-chip does not make any difference. Due to the additional function only the handling may differ a little.

You can connect our WELOOM® RGBW-LED-Tape  with Casambi PWM4 for easy and comfortable use via App from anywhere.