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Züblin Universal RC the universal remote control with the Züblin app.

The setting of motion detectors from Züblin is so simple ...  

Züblin Universal RC

  Who does not know this: After the installation of motion/presence detectors, the switch-off time, the sensitivity, the light threshold value etc. must be set. Until the optimal setting is found, it can already need some attempts. Whoever will go to the detectors, if necessary find tools, remove the cover or even climb a ladder.     By using the Züblin remote control and an iOS or Android smartphone, a variety of Züblin detectors can be easily configured via app. All values and detector functions can be controlled easily and quickly via the smartphone or tablet and adapted to the situation on site. The smartphone connects wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 with the universal remote control. The detectors themselves are then programmed via an infrared interface. img_0266 img_0265 img_0267 img_0268img_0269 img_0264             Advantages:
  • No cable/plug connection required between the smartphone and the remote control
  • Via the app the up-dated notification list is always available
  • All detector functions are programmable
  • You only need one remote control for all Züblin detectors
  Minimum requirements: Smartphone with Bluetooth v4.0. Phone (iOS from 8.1) and Android (from 4.4) And here you will find the Universal RC in our shop   watt24 - easy. faster. brighter.